Super Class

Currently less than half of India’s children between the age 6 and 14 go to school.  An UNICEF report states that more than 80 million children drop out before completing 8 years of age and over 8 million children are out of school.

“Our Vision is to bring quality education to the 10 million children in the next 10 years through the Super Class Programme.”

The Right to Education (RTE) act states that education is a fundamental right of every child who is between 6 and 14 years old but lack of access to good quality schools & little interest in studies are some primary reasons given by three in every four drop – outs as the reason they leave. Dropout rates increases alarmingly in class III to V, its 50% for boys, 58% for girls. A little over one – third of all children who enroll in grade one reach grade eight.

How we are solving it?

Small Wish International Foundation is not only trying to bring quality education for children belonging to disadvantaged sections but we are also trying to address the problem of children dropping out of schools by transforming the teaching methods at government schools.

The Super Class Programme boosts the learning experience of the children via a one of a kind education curriculum designed to allow them to learn and gain the mindsets and skills that would empower them to be free, develop themselves, their communities and the world.

One of the innovative measures of the Super Class Programme is that it includes relevant education and training to help children address common social, environmental and economic challenges throughout their life.”


Children have been inspired to pursue their dreams

In India, one of the major challenges faced by the Government is providing quality education in the govt. schools. In nearly 60% of schools, there are less than two teachers to teach from Classes I to V. On an average, there are less than three teachers per primary school. They have to manage classes from I to V every day.

 We aim to build the capacity of the teachers to acquire new skills, teaching methods, knowledge and leadership needed to take self-reliant actions so they can provide quality education to the children.

We are passionate in our dedication to bring quality education to under-privileged children across India and we have ensured a high quality education curriculum. We have been able to reach out to some sections of the society and with your support, we can bring millions of children out of poverty through quality education. We would be grateful if you could get involved in supporting us.


Super Classes Held