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Small Wish International Foundation Summer Internship 2022 Notification

Applications for Summer Internship is Open

26 June 2022 | OF1 – Guwahati 

The Internship Programme is open for students and recent graduates to apply and gain direct practical experience with Small Wish International’s work. The programme will help the interns improve their understanding of how global challenges should be dealt with at each level and how we have developed our flagship projects and their orientation to further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Deadline for Applications: 10 July 2022

Nomination for Impact Oversight and Advisory Committee is Open

26 June 2022 | OF1 – Guwahati : Every year noted people, experts, people with strong credentials, and proven service records are nominated to be considered a member of the Impact Oversight and Advisory Committee. 

The Impact Oversight and Advisory Committee (IOAC) serves in an expert advisory capacity to assist the founder and the members of the board on any matters pertaining to the furtherance and implementation of projects and objects of the Foundation, development of standards and best practices, effective and efficient implementation of Foundation’s programme and policies, and such other mandate and scope enumerated by the Board.

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Deadline for Nominations: 4 September 2022

Phase 1 Report 2019-2022

26 June 2022 : The Phase 1 Report is a comprehensive document designed to provide readers such as donors, project participants, stakeholders with information about the foundation’s initiatives, operations, performance and impact. 

Its purpose is to document the activities started during the Phase 1 of the Foundation’s 25 Year Vision Plan. The reports contain information, such as flagship project highlights, a message from the founder, and objectives and goals for future years.

Click Here to Download the Phase 1 Report

Eat For a Cause Bake Sale

8 March 2022  | OF1 – Guwahati – We have organized our Eat for a Cause Bake Sale event in collaboration with the Gauhati High Court. Three team members and two event volunteers, lead the fundraising event and helped establish a meaningful collaboration with the supporters (Judges, Lawyers, Judicial Officers and Staff)

Eat for a Cause Bake Sale is a fundraising activity where the foundation presents bake items such as handmade chocolates, cupcakes, and cookies prepared by members, volunteers, and event partners to raise money for a cause. The idea behind the Bake Sale is to bring meaningful participation of people to support our causes, projects, and acts of kindness. Eat for a Cause is sometimes a part of a bigger fundraising event or a standalone fundraising event.

Click Here to Download the Press Release