Little Gifts Campaign

Plastic toys are a big part of the plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans, which adds to the ongoing issue of plastic pollution. People are more aware of the need to cut down on our plastic usage but still, it’s difficult to change behaviours and somehow parents easily end up with a great amount of plastic toys at home. This happens partly because you receive gifts from friends and family, and partly because kids prefer bright coloured plastic toys more than bland, wooden ones. Parents have admitted to having thrown away old broken toys. Considering that 90 percent of toys are in some way made of plastic, that quickly adds up to a lot of plastic waste.

The Little Gifts campaign is a socio-environmental campaign designed to minimize the buying of new plastic toys and encourage consumers to go for second hand refurbished toys. As part of the Little Gifts campaign, we encourage parents to pass their children toys to unprivileged children. We collect old toys that are kept aside by previous owners, which would otherwise find their way into a landfill. We refurbish the old toys and pass them as gifts to unprivileged children in need thus making the entire distribution of toys an environment friendly and sustainable one.