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Lemani Fellowship

The Lemani Fellowship is an international fellowship programme for the emerging creative talent to learn, understand, engage in solving the challenges we face today and become a catalyst of positive change. The Fellows shall use the different forms of art, storytelling, and visual media like photography, filmmaking, and animations for bringing to life untold stories of the land, culture, people, wildlife, and Indigenous knowledge.

The Fellows will work in person with founder Arif Lemani and together use imagination, vision, artistry, innovation, originality, and expressiveness to help advocate changes to benefit local communities, and the environment, promote responsible tourism and inspire collective action for a socially equitable and ecologically sustainable future for all.

Fellowship Programme Outline

Orientation Programme – Fellowship Assignment Overview and Screenings | Capacity Building Programme – Creative Insight, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Design Thinking | Exposure Trips, Travel, Work Commencement |Review and Preview, Fellowship Award Programme

Selection Process

Only one fellow is selected every year through a rigorous application process. The selection is a three-stage process, that includes previous work assessments, creative knowledge assessments, and interviews. Our fellows are entitled to a stipend as a contribution towards living expenses, paid by the foundation or a sponsor. A one-time lump sum, as a contribution towards travel and visa costs, may also be granted when funding is available. Notifications for both National and International applicants are advertised throughout the year on the website notice board.

Lemani Fellow 2021

Nitin Sharma, a young and exceptionally talented photographer from Bangalore was awarded Lemani Fellowship in the year 2021. As a part of the Fellowship Assignment, Nitin Sharma was deputed to Majuli Island, Assam. He worked together with Founder Arif Lemani and beautifully documented all the prevailing livelihood practices by locals with a perspective to improve the scope of community-based tourism on the island.

Nitin Sharma, Lemani Fellow 2021