Eat for a Cause Campaign

The Eat for a Cause campaign is a women-powered food fundraising campaign. For every product you buy from the Eat for a Cause Campaign, a contribution goes to support Small Wish International projects and initiatives to help children living in poverty and solve climate change challenges.

You can order premium quality handmade chocolates under the Eat for a Cause Campaign. Our Handmade chocolates are made from high-quality cocoa, with roasted almonds, cashews, mixed berries and seeds. We meticulously dedicate a minimum of 6 hours to prepare one batch chocolates to ensure it tastes on par with the highest quality of the world class chocolate brands.

The entire campaign is women-powered and our mission is to create a larger impact by helping these women build-up their capacities, earn decently, establish their identity in a dignified manner being women, become respected contributors to their families and affect a positive social change for their communities.