Currently, we need 1.7 planets to support humanity’s demand on earth ecosystems. We are using up Earth’s resources faster than it can regenerate per year. Increased population demands, pressures of over consumption and unsustainable production practices are leading to unprecedented biodiversity loss, habitat degradation, overexploitation, pollution, and climate change.

Our vision is to bring a fundamental shift in the mindset of consumers to make informed decisions to responsibly consume, purchase and lead a minimalist lifestyle. The effort when replicated in a large scale will significantly lower the consumption pressure on the finite natural resources of the planet; stop millions of tons of waste generation and billions of tons of carbon emissions.

More than 2 Billion tones of municipal solid waste are generated worldwide per annum, Less than 20% of this recycled. We aim to recycle at least 1 million tons of garbage and repair, repurpose or upcycle at least 5 Million tons of old unused items in the next five years and help promote a circular economy.

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How is CCEP contributing to solving Climate Change Challenges?

Some of the innovative measures of the CCEP Programme are giving consumers access to services like door step pickup for recycling, paid upcycling of old items, solutions to start organic home farming, etc. to design out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use to help in regenerating natural systems. We are also giving the consumers a 28 days plan to transform into what we call an eco-friendly consumer by adopting a low carbon footprint lifestyle.


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