What We Do

Small Wish International Foundation (SWI) is a non-profit organization working on poverty and climate change. We are designing innovative solutions to solve the toughest challenges towards eradicating poverty and combating climate change. With years of research and experience from activities undertaken in realistic setting, we have designed methodologies to bring quality education to children living in poverty, to empower women, to tackle climate change challenges by bringing a fundamental shift in consumer behavior.

We have implemented projects that are highly impactful, sustainable, low-cost, can be replicated easily on a larger scale, in poverty-dominated countries. In addition to our projects, we carry out humanitarian missions to help people in need during disasters and emergencies.


Poverty Alleviation Efforts Made


Women Empowerment efforts made


Environmental Conservation Efforts Made


Humanitarian Efforts Made

Mailing Address:

Small Wish International Foundation, House No. 14a, South Sarania Road, Ulubari, 781007, Kamrup(M), Assam, India.
Phone: +91 88769 56239